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The machines forms a sandwich of two biscuits (“base” and “cover” biscuit) with a layer of cream or other soft filling between. During the working cycle, a cream disk is deposited and wire-cut by a piano wire which adjusts its thickness. Cream extrusion is made by a nozzle pertaining to a rotary cock cream distributing system. After this, the top biscuit, having its upper face up, is placed over the cream disk in order to obtain, after a light compression, a compact sandwich.

(Brochureicona pdf)

n° sandwich rows


mechanical production [pcs/min]


real production [pcs/min]

Up to 650-1300-2600 depending on the product

length [mm]


width (without channels) [mm]


height (without channels) [mm]


weight [kg]


type of feeding channels (3m)

Manual with special belt

Or vibrating channels

Or automatic feeding to the sandwich machine

Or fully electronic feeding to the sandwich machine

nun. of colors

1 or 2

num cream tank

1 or 2

tank with heating system


Exit of the sandwich machine


Or rows multiplier

Or automatic connection with packing

Or fully electronic connection with packing


400V 3FASE 50Hz