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Sequence of pictures illustrating the Idle and Drive.

The idle head ensures the proper tension of the wire-mesh by means of a spring or pneumatic device (optional) pushing the idle drum: the oven belt tensioning is constant independently from the operating temperature.

The idle head also ensures the tracking (optional) of the wire-mesh by means of a three rolls tracking device that is activated by a set of sensors detecting the lateral movement of the wire-mesh; in case of excessive wire-mesh lateral movement the sensors originate the warning alarm and then the stop of the oven.

The driving head ensures the driving of the wire-mesh by means of the driving drum with a suitable diameter. The motoreducer is operated by a frequency converter, with variable speed. Manual driving is also possible when emergency occur.

A set of sensors (optional) may detect  the motion of the wire-mesh (idle drum rotation) respect to the driving drum rotation and give alarm in case of wire-mesh slippage on the driving drum.