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Our "Focus" :

Our main activity is customer support as we offer an impeccable service at all stages of the project.

Further to our research and development we work in unison with partner companies specialized in the manufacture of the various machines components.

We therefore verify all technical details and then design the layout of the line, identifying the best solutions based on the customer requirements.

Our production consists of storage and distribution of raw materials, bakery processing lines, tunnel ovens, packaging machines, systems and automation, which can be customized and tailor-made to suit specific needs

Complete automatic Lines for :

Soft biscuits, sticks pretzelhard biscuitscrackers, snacks and pretzel, with capacity ranging from 250 kg to 3,000 kgs/hour and bespoke machines for special products.

Cookies, wire-cut and extruded with one or two colors, in a single step or in stages.

Deposited cakes with automatic baking on pans or in paper cups with capacity ranging from 250/400/600/1000 to up to 1500 Kgs/hour, such as cup and plum cakes, lady fingers, egg drops ....

Sponge cakes, layer cakes, mini rolls, swiss-rolls, "tegolino" and “girella”, in which various technical solutions are adopted.

Leavened pastries also with automatic baking on pans or in moulds (croissants .... ).

Lines for bread (Tin bread, Pullman, baguette, ciabatta, garlic, pandoro/panettone … ).

Highly efficient industrial tunnel ovens:

Wire mesh or steel band cycle thermal multiblocks tunnel oven.

Direct gas fired ("DGF") and hybrid multiblocks tunnel oven.

Coaxial wide cycle thermal tunnel oven.

Wide cycle thermal tunnel oven.

High temperature tunnel oven with two different technologies: catalytic or DGF.

Sandwiching machines:

Sandwiching machine SM500 with capacity up to 500pcs/min' with additional equipments provided upon request, such as multipliers and cooling tunnels, automatic loading to the flowpack machine and special systems tailored made.

Sandwiching machine SM-8-16-32 series ranging from 800 up to 3200 pcs/min', independent or supplied in-line with automatic packaging systems of up to 600 packages/min’ with additional equipments provided upon request, such as multipliers and cooling tunnels, automatic loading to the flowpack machine and special systems tailored made.

Packaging and Handling:

Full range of Servomotorized-electronic Wrapping Machines such as:

High-speed wrapping small size products up to 600 packs/min.

Very fast wrapping of very small size products (candies, lollipop, ...) up to 1600 packs/min'.

Wrapping of large size products or family package.

Box motion up to 110 packs/min', bread bagging suitable to be linked to the bread slicing machine up to 90 packs/min'...

......................and special machines tailored to specific customer requirements.

Automatic Handling Systems electronically controlled.

Fully Automatic Packaging Systems electronically controlled.